Do you need a cool bathrobe for your dog? Stop searching, because this is the place to be! Natjas is the ultimate dog bathrobe for your four-legged friend!

Why a bathrobe for dogs? Let's try to explain it whith a few examples; After walking with your dog in the rain or after a swim, you immediately put on the bathrobe when you return home and your interior remains a lot cleaner. After a wash of your dog in the bath or in the shower, the dog bathrobe ensures that your dog is completely dry again (just like your floor). If dogs (for example after training) have to stay in the car, the bathrobe keeps them warm which is especially recommended in cold weather (this is better for the muscles). And as a final example: if your dog has been playing in the sand, playing in the mud or worse, rolled through the poo, Natjas is ideal to cover the dirty fur temporarily until the dog has dried up again or is cleaned up).

In short: this bathrobe is not only comfortable for your dog, but also very practical for you!

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