Natjas Hunt XL

Natjas Hunt XL

LET OP: De Natjas wordt speciaal voor jouw hond op maat gemaakt. Het is belangrijk dat je je hond nauwkeurig opmeet volgens onze instructies.

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Are you wild of gundog training, retrieving and tracking with your dog? Then this classic is the right one for you! The fabric of this dog bathrobe is brown and absorbs a lot of moisture. Ideal for after a training retrieving from the water. This type of Natjas also has a subtle cammo print in army green, black or khaki. Perfect fit for a hunting outfit, but of course also for anyone that loves the army print or a deep brown colour that fits their dog.

The bathrobe is made of terry with at least 90% cotton, this not only to ensure that it can absorb a lot of moisture, but also that it breathes because it is a natural material (this is in contrast to, for example, wellness terry which consists of 100 % polyester so dogs can quickly get too hot). Furthermore, we find the quality of our bathrobe extremely important: we opted for high-quality fabrics and components (such as elastic bands and press stubs), production in the Netherlands, a limited stock (so no 13 in a dozen) and we aim for a high-end product. But definitely at number one is the design of the Natjas: a good fit, smart design, tailored and adjustable closure and the col that can be worn in different ways.

If the Natjas is just wet, than letting it dry is enough. This can be done with the hanging loop but the best thing is to spread it out (in the fresh air or on the heater). Never fold it up wet to avoid sufficating the fabric. Also be wary of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration. If the Natjas is really dirty, it can be washed in the washing machine and dried (optional) in the dryer. To preserve the form and colour, its important to wash the Natjas for the first time at 30°C with a small amount of vinegar. (± 100 ml, don’t use soap or a fabric softener). Don’t set the dryer too hot and use a wrinkle recovery programme.Our advise is to never use fabric softener, because this can irritate the dog’s skin.

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